Our mission is working together to improve lives by delivering socially responsible solutions.

This mission is centered around providing solutions to our clients that achieve significant results.  RHA’s long history of managing complex programs has enabled us to develop the skills and expertise to maximize program success.   Our network of local contractors and community-based partners provides expansive reach into the community, delivering program services to a broad range of customers.


RHA maintains an active supply chain responsibility program.  RHA works with numerous suppliers from diverse backgrounds, and actively seeks to connect with other diverse organizations through our supplier network.   We also mentor our contractors and suppliers in becoming certified diverse business enterprises.

Community Commitment

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RHA is committed to serving the communities in which we operate. RHA’s Compassion Through Action Program is a coordinated volunteer effort for RHA staff to support local organizations. We provide hundreds of hours of service annually through this program.

Additionally, RHA supports the community through charitable giving. On a monthly basis,  events are hosted to raise funds for local non-profit organizations – from candy-grams to barbeques, we have fun while raising money for local causes.


RHA is committed to protecting human health, natural resources and the global environment. This dedication is backed continuously by assessing how operations affect the environment and how we can maintain environmental stewardship. The principles and objectives established in our Environmental Policy provide guidance to RHA employees in the conduct of daily business, including:

Compliance with Environmental Requirements

RHA is committed to complying with all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws, statutes, regulations and other legal environmental requirements.

Healthy Environment

RHA seeks to integrate company development and operations to promote and encourage public health, employee wellness, safety and quality of work-life.

Environmentally Responsible Purchasing Decisions

RHA recognizes that environmental responsibility can be exercised through its purchasing decisions. Accordingly, RHA strives to obtain the “best value” by balancing short- and long-term costs, including consideration of the environmental, life cycle, and maintenance costs in purchasing products and services.

Pollution Prevention

RHA is committed to minimizing the release of pollutants into the environment through reduced energy usage, source reduction and recycling.

Efficient Use and Conservation of Energy, Water and Other Resources

RHA strives to reduce resource consumption by eliminating wasteful practices, promoting efficient use, and evaluating and implementing conservation measures.

Questions about efforts to reduce the environmental impact of RHA’s operations, may be referred to environment@rhainc.com.