Dr. James O’Bannon

Jim is Chairman of the RHA Board, with 44 years of experience in the construction and energy fields.  In 1979 he partnered with Richard Heath, and continues to lead RHA’s efforts in the development of energy efficiency technology.

He has authored nearly 40 published technical manuals, articles and research reports on topics related to energy efficiency, and is recognized nationally as an authority in energy efficiency issues. He is an award-winning engineering professor at California State University, Chico, known for not only instilling knowledge in his students, but also an awareness of the importance of giving back to others.

Jim is regularly invited to present or train at energy conferences throughout the nation. He earned an M.E. degree in Industrial Education from Mississippi State University, an Ed.S. in Industrial Education from Northern Iowa University and his Ph.D. in Industrial Education and Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri at Columbia.